Initiatives: A Q&A:
Montine Tells About Following Her Gut And Tapping Creative Source to Help Others

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Posted on June 13, 2013 by Cyn

"Need inspiration? This “Initiatives” Q&A with Montine Blank will probably awaken the creative element in you that needs a little shaking up. That’s what it did for me when I prepared LivinginCyn’s “Initiatives” Q&A for publication this month. It will only take five minutes to read the post and learn about how Montine transformed her own life to discover her creativity, and how today she is helping others! Enjoy! "  ~ Cyn

Name: Montine Blank
Place you call home now: Los Angeles, CA
I am the… Founder of Paint Your Guts Out!© and Paint Awake™ and a certified facilitator of Transformational Process Painting.

It’s awesome because… Through intuitive art, I show people how to grow their creativity and trust their intuition – both in the studio and in life. The classes and retreats are brimming with inspirational teachings, meditations, basic painting instruction, and spontaneous art-making to help people relax and get inspired, access their intuitive flow, remove blocks, and receive life-affirming messages.

Participants are thrilled to learn how to shush their inner critic and let go of the need for perfection so they can simply enjoy the process like they did when making art as kids!

After instruction, participants apply watercolors, art pencils, chalk pastels and more to let their art flow – it surprises most people to see rich images and textures unfold on the paper!  In these sessions, no art experience is necessary – - everyone is a beginner.

We offer series, workshops and one-off classes regularly in Los Angeles, periodically in the Southeastern U.S., and occasionally hold week-long retreats in Tuscany, Italy.

It came about when… More than 10 years ago while working in a cubicle for a high-paying corporate consulting firm, I felt completely disconnected from myself, didn’t have a clue as to my purpose, and lacked an authentic, supportive community. For six months I was completely stuck and very sad.  I started searching for a more meaningful way to live and began really paying attention to what attracted me. By listening to my intuition, I discovered my love for creativity and met Aviva Gold, author of “Painting from the Source” and teacher of Transformational Process Painting. I immediately signed up for her week-long process painting workshop in southern France. Within a year, I started Aviva’s two-year certification program with 16 other women. Through that program, I healed my own creative side and began following a more intuitive path in my life. I opened an art studio and launched Paint Your Guts Out! (aka PYGO!) in the years following. There have been times over the years when I have focused on other endeavors, but I always come back to this creative well to enjoy and share its many gifts.

By witnessing people grow and become more of their courageous and true creative selves through process painting, I am sure of the many benefits of right-brain art-making. In addition, there has been substantial progress in the understanding of how our brains work (i.e., neurobiology) since 2004 which helps explain many of the results I have seen. It is remarkable and validating! I often post about these findings and other inspiring sources on our Facebook page (, if readers would like to learn more.

My main customers/stakeholders can be best described as… Adults who are curious, playful, spirited, appreciative of authenticity, and open to fun and flow – or those of us who want to be!  For those interested in PYGO! but not located in California, our destination retreats are a great option to experience the program.

Their favorite thing about my business is… I get to share what I love and it enhances people’s lives.

If, for only one day, someone were visiting the place I live now, I would tell them the one place they absolutely cannot miss is… A summit hike in Los Angeles to Topanga Canyon, Echo Park, Ranchos Palos Verdes, or Laguna Beach.

There’s one more thing I want to share… Life is really all about love.

Link to article and blog:  LivinginCyn