About Body Prismatic

This lively process is a fun exploration into the colorful landscape of you - and a great way to connect with your inner muse to bring new energy into your life.  Using guided meditation and inquiry, you will identify meaningful goals for yourself. Then, by  tapping into your creative unconscious, you will bring these intentions into recognizable, inspiring form - even if you've never picked up a paintbrush before!

What is Body Prismatic™?

Designed in collaboration with Intuition Painting® facilitators Pamela Hawkins and Elise Crohn, this inspiring process is for those of us who love stepping out of routine, indulging in feel-good activities, and letting our true colors fly.

Choosing poses and using our bodies as tracing templates, we outline our forms onto life-size paper.  Through creativity coaching, we access our intuitive flow and express ourselves freely with shapes colors, words, doodles and oodles of paint. Working in the midst of music, paints, pens, pastels, and found objects, we will find ourselves lost in the zone, having a blast.

It is a joy to watch everyone's expressions soften and begin to radiate with a resounding "Here I am!" kind of energy.  Our resulting colorful muses get to come home with us, and will continue giving us creative wisdom and inspiration long after the workshop is done.

These happiness boosting sessions serve up:
*** All the paint colors imaginable,
*** Large body-length sheets of paper,
*** A free space with no judgment or critiques
*** Creativity coaching and facilitatio