Own Your Journey

Are you a successful person who doesn't feel truly content with your life or career choices? 

Would you like to know what path to choose and how to get started with meaningful change? Einstein once said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking mind we used when we created them."  

When you want to create your best life, we first have to discover and engage your authentic, empowered self, so you that you are making life decisions from a place of inner strength, and not from fear.

Our greatest dreams are often blocked by our deepest fears. You must face both with courage to make progress.
— Montine
The More You


The More You Coaching Process is ideal for all types of life and career transitions.

To begin a meaningful transformation through coaching, we sidestep any outdated perspectives, and find new possibilities based on an objective understanding of your gifts, strengths, passions, and desired life goals.

With The More You approach to coaching, you can discover your core potential and find your ideal path, while also shifting hidden blocks and transforming limiting beliefs, so that you can start your journey with confidence.

Experience & Education

Find out about Montine’s past experiences as a coach and consultant with international companies as well as small clients and soloprenuers. Learn more.


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Getting Started

Request a a non-obligatory call with to discuss your needs and goals. I work with clients via phone, Skype, or Zoom.

Phases of
the Coaching Process

The graphic to the right illustrates the three phases and results possible with The More You coaching. The process is not linear and there is not a one-size-fits-all formula. We will tailor a program based on your goals and preferences. 

Discover: Assess & Reveal

The Discover Phase identifies your unique potential. We assess untapped skills, underlying values, abilities, talents and hidden inner strengths. This phase also reveals unconscious influencers, including debilitating fears and self-sabotaging behaviors, that are preventing you from being the best you possible.

Transform: Evolve & Empower

Through the Transform Phase you will evolve negative patterns and retrain reactions to triggers to form new habits and responses. You will empower your confidence and be able to make clear and meaningful decisions.

Realign: Master & Launch

In the Realign Phase we set lifestyle, relationship and career goals that will inspire you into action. We will get you launched quickly and effectively!


Montine is a savvy entrepreneur and a real coach as well as consultant. She brings out the best of my ideas and keeps me focused.

All of her years as an entrepreneur, together with her corporate work really brought a uniquely powerful perspective to my business. I cannot remember a time that she did not have an idea or a way to help me solve a problem.

I also appreciate that every session was customized to my needs, my background, and my business - - not some canned program.
— Michelle S., Atlanta, GA

Set Your Own Pace

Our journey will be an interactive process that invites you to take the lead and determine our pace and depth of work. Depending on your needs and nature, I may suggest various tools, such as Immunity to Change work from Harvard Professors, self and career tools or assessments, core transformation work, skill surveys, practices from Positive Psychology, meditation, intuitive creativity exercises, neural integration support, journaling, or more as you begin your path to self-leadership and realized potential. 

Session pricing & Packages

The More You personal development coaching methods generally require a minimum of four sessions to internalize new self-leadership skills, release blocks, and transform thinking and habits. We will have the option of working face to face, via phone, or video conferencing from anywhere. Contact me to discuss what will work best for you. 

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Coaching Fees:*

30 Minute Consult:
  - Free of Charge

60 Minutes:
-  1 Session: $135
-  4 Sessions: $495
-  10 Sessions: $1195

75 Minutes:
-  1 Session: $165
-  4 Sessions: $610
-  10 Sessions: $1425


* Sliding scale available. Email me for details.