Coaching Testimonials

“I hired The More You to help with a career transition and got so much more. I made a transition very quickly to a completely unexpected opportunity. Working with Montine made the transition seamless. She has helped me assuredly identify my innate and learned strengths. She has pulled great ideas from me and provided first steps to implementing them. Her empathy has met me exactly where I am and pulled me forward in every meeting. I could go on and on. She is a 2016 BEST THINGS for me. Working with her makes me live a better life and she will be part of 2017 for me, as well!”

— Kim J., Small Business Owner, Dallas, TX

Applying Montine’s approach to coaching, I am more of the person I really wanted to be. Now I take time to enjoy life and make choices based on what really matters to me.
— J. Schlechter, TV VP, Los Angeles, CA

“I went to Montine without ever having tried coaching to help me resolve work issues - I was tired of feeling frustrated with my coworkers, had a nemesis, and need help to figure out what I could do to improve my work situation. The coaching was great and Montine was open to working with not only my work schedule, but routinely adjusted our goals to what I really was seeking and what was the root of my issues. She listened to me, and at each session would evaluate the tools we tried and adjusted them based upon success. Instead of telling me to keep trying meditation, she found other tools that I would do. (Meditation is just not for me). While not part of what I originally went to see Montine for, she was a great help in a tough family situation. The tools she gave me I continue to use and I am able to handle stress a lot better, have been using the tools to change work interactions for a better environment, and it has greatly improved my relationship with my former nemesis.

I highly recommend Montine for coaching.”

— Heather B., Engineer, Los Angeles, CA

“Another amazing find that I want to keep all to myself, but that wouldn’t be fair! I was looking for an experience to help me set my real self free. Montine’s coaching has truly been a gift. Through the process, I’ve been able to better understand my “edges” and face them with direct action. With Montine as the watchful guide, the experience has been nothing less than transformative. Montine is a rare find. She is smart, intuitive, caring, compassionate and inspiring. She provides a safe and inviting atmosphere where one can safely push their boundaries. Highly recommend!”

— M.S., Event Business, Owner, Malibu, CA

When I met Montine, I knew her wealth of experience would make her an invaluable resource for me. I’ve learned to recognize what I want in my life and to start breaking down the barriers I put up for myself.
— Hannah Charlton, Designer, Long Beach, CA

“Montine is a savvy entrepreneur and a real coach as well as consultant. She brings out the best of my ideas and keeps me focused because I tend to go off in all directions with new ideas.

I felt like all of her years as an entrepreneur, together with her corporate work really brought a uniquely powerful perspective to my business. I cannot remember a time that she did not have an answer/solution, an idea or a way to help me figure out a problem.

I also appreciate that every session was customized to my needs, my background, and my business - - not some canned program.”

— Michele S., Atlanta, GA

The workshop was amazing! I couldn’t ask for the more perfect teacher. Montine, I think you are on the right track and I say keep doing what you are doing because I am seeing miraculous changes within myself and my classmates within three sessions.
— Anonymous Workshop Survey, Los Angeles

“Montine’s knowledge of digital technology and social media were very impressive. She skillfully coached me through the process of reviewing my options and making choices that allowed my company to grow and expand in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I can’t think of anything she could have done better. I plan to use her services in the future, should the need arise. ”

— Barbara F., Professional Editor, Charlotte, NC

Amazing insight as to why I was trying to hold on to things that don’t support who I am or where I want to go.
— T. Blackstone, Producer, Beverly Hills, CA

“This has been powerful and transformative in my life. It has helped me to face issues I had no idea to how to approach and issues I didn’t even know were bothering me. This work is truly a journey. A life where we listen and allow and learn from what is inside us instead of listening to all the outside signals that scream for our attention every second of the day. ”

— L.S., Coaching Retreat

I have the deepest soul gratitude for you. The universe has truly gifted me with connection to you. I am a better human for knowing you. Thank you, Montine, for you.
— S. Rosenberg, Writer & Activist

“Montine has found her calling. She is a knowledgeable, compassionate and encouraging guide. She listens with intent, then gently helps you get to the root of what is troubling you. She provides you with tools and support for the new vision you are building for your life. I so appreciate her wisdom and kindness, and highly recommend her unique approach.”

— Debbie S., Writer/Artist, Brunswick, GA

“I hope you realize how much you are touching lives. Thank you for opening a whole new world of discovery for me.”

— Shannon C., Co-Founder, ICE, Atlanta, GA

Thank you for all the time you have spent with me, for the patience you have exhibited, for the kindness that you have shared and for the love you have shown me how to give myself.
— N.P., Career Coaching Client, 2014

“I have to tell you, after we talked I felt so much better. You just get me. You really do have way of seeing a bigger picture of the big picture. I feel very grateful that I reached out to you when I did.”

— Jason K. Ewing, Co-Founder Be Hot Yoga, Atlanta, GA