The More Entrepreneur

My work is incredibly fulfilling. When I watch a client go from “I don’t know what to do” to having 27K instagram followers and custom orders popping in from across the US in just 6 months’ time, or when I have a client shift from “I’m intimidated by ‘business people’” to “I just proposed and landed a consulting gig @ $225/hour” in 8 months, or when I have clients telling me they are proud of their branding and identity ... it is unbelievably rewarding and gives great cause to celebrate.
— Montine

Launch Your Vision

Do you have great ideas and know what you have to offer is valuable? Can you visualize what success will look like? Do you feel ready to launch, but are not exactly sure how or where to start? 

Let's translate your unique ideas and visions into a workable, sustainable business model to:

  1. Clarify your vision
  2. Scope out the competition
  3. Define your competitive edge
  4. Test the business model
  5. Brainstorm new products and services
  6. Brand your offerings
  7. Create your sales funnel
  8. Craft a marketing strategy
  9. Build a website
  10. Establish your online presence


Why work with me.

When you are launching on your own, it can be a advantageous to work with someone who has already been where you are. Unlike many other consultants, I have actually started several award-winning businesses of my own, so I bring a great perspective to the conversation.

My love for the creative process involved in marketing and my genuine desire to help companies evolve have translated into successful endeavors that continue to deliver profits. I get to create, and I get to help other people create. Words and Ideas are just the beginning. I love to encourage, motivate, and coach entrepreneurs and leaders into bringing great plans and ideas into existence.

Once we carve out the business mission, vision, and competitive edge, we can create a powerful Marketing Strategy, launch plan, and Website and Online Presence.

An entrepreneur who has both started several successful small businesses as well as helped countless others do so since 2004, I have the experience to ensure your business launch is a success. >More.

Montine is a savvy entrepreneur and a real coach as well as consultant. She brings out the best of my ideas and keeps me focused because I tend to go off in all directions with new ideas.

I felt like all of her years as an entrepreneur, together with her corporate work really brought a uniquely powerful perspective to my business. I cannot remember a time that she did not have an answer/solution, an idea or a way to help me figure out a problem.

I also appreciate that every session was customized to my needs, my background, and my business - - not some canned program.
— Michele S., Atlanta, GA

I Look Forward To Hearing From You:

Virtual or in person consulting sessions and packages available. Please contact me for a free consultation.

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