G. Montine Blank, IMBA, Certified Professional Coach & Consultant

G. Montine Blank, IMBA, Certified Professional Coach & Consultant

Applying Montine’s approach to coaching, I am more of the person I really wanted to be. Now I take time to enjoy life and make choices based on what really matters to me.
— J. Schlechter, TV Executive, Los Angeles, CA
When I met Montine, I knew her wealth of experience would make her an invaluable resource for me. I’ve learned to recognize what I want in my life and to start breaking down the barriers I put up for myself.
— S. Chang, Designer, CA
I hope you realize how much you are touching lives. Thank you for opening a whole new world of discovery for me.
— Shannon C., Co-Founder, ICE, Atlanta, GA
I have to tell you, after we talked I felt so much better. You just get me. You really do have way of seeing a bigger picture of the big picture. I feel very grateful that I reached out to you when I did.
— Jason Ewing, Founder Be Hot Yoga

Are you another one of the talented people I meet who has achieved success by society's standard, but doesn't feel truly happy or fully engaged? Are you ready for meaningful change?

Are you wondering where to go and how to get there?

Einstein once said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking mind we used when we created them."

When you want to create your best life,
you begin from your best self.

The More You Alignment Process

The More You offers six phases of coaching to support your transition into a meaningful, fulfilling life and career.  >More.

How & Why it Works

What motivates you?  What limits you?  What are your innate strengths and hidden talents?  What keeps you engaged?

Most of us don't know the full answers to these questions.

Fortunately, we live in a time where we have brain science, assessments and resources available to help identify our makeup and highlight what we need to thrive in life and work.

With The More You Alignment Process, you can discover your core potential and find your ideal path, while also shifting hidden blocks and transforming limiting beliefs. >More.

Are You Ready?

I accept a limited number of clients each month and provide a personalized experience for each one. It’s a collaborative process that includes self-observation, introspection, creativity, and action.

To set up a non-obligatory consultation, please schedule a 30 minute session.

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