Heal My Heart


A Creative Means to Heal:

Intuition Painting™ is a creative pathway for people to know, grow, and heal themselves through spontaneous art-making.

I hope you will appreciate reading this touching expression of how Intuition Painting™ transformed one woman's loss and released her emotional burdens, making way for more light and love in her life. 

Maryanne's Journey:

Maryanne yearned to move beyond the grief of losing her soulmate of forty-seven years and to reawaken her creative spirit, but felt unsure about trying the Intuition Painting™ process as a means to do so.  After much deliberation, she joined us for a weekend retreat.  Her process was deep, spiritual, and emotional.  Read about her experience below.

"Brush Marks of the Paint"

A Poem by Maryanne

The pigments of paint glided across the paper, they spoke in a language unknown to me,
My brushstrokes filled with the labyrinth of desire,
yet I was confused.

The painting invited me inside, 
with reluctance I stepped into the canvas.
I stood there in silence, confused, 
my heart pounded, tears fell.

Gently, my palms touched the energy of life that I had drawn upon the paper canvas.
My broken heart was exposed,
yet the love that lived within me was awakened.

Indeed my soulmate was gone, taken by earth's disease,
yet we were connected within the movement of my painting,
Wrapped inside ourselves as if we were still one upon this earth,
Two hearts beating, an everlasting circle of love connected between our souls.

Promises that were broken, now mended and last goodbye's embraced,
our hearts re-connected by the brush marks of the paint.

Oh sweet the brush within my hand, the what if's and why not's are gone,
Tonight I sleep gently, rocked to and fro in the arms that are here no more.

The sun shines brighter, flowers smile in exuberant hues,
my heart sings as if a bird lives within me,

Swirls and circles of life's movement live in me
and my heart smiles as I reach for the paint and brush again.

Montine Blank