Open Yourself to Play

Open Yourself to Play

Ring Up Your Inner Child

Instead of wriggling around in worry, trying to produce perfection, or taking ourselves ever so seriously, explore being in and creating from a space of play.  Whether making art or planning a dinner party, add a dash of silly imagination into the mix.  Why not make things more fun for yourself? Expect that if you stay open to play, you will be met with opportunity. Perhaps a dog will want to you to toss the ball or a butterfly will beckon you to follow it’s flitting, flowery flight. Drink from a crazy-curly-straw, paint a flower on your cheek, stay in the car through the car wash, or write yourself a love note in soap on the bathroom mirror. Maybe your paintbrush will invite you to dance or your heart will hum a tune for you to join in song. Invite a friend to join you for a creativity date or make yourself a fizzy bubble bath full of popping color

Which play?
This play
That play
Your play

Where Play?
That away
It’s your day
Find a way
It’s yours to say...

To find your way to play today, look at your list of things to do and think about how you could make them more fun.  Take a moment and think of something that would make you feel or act more playful. 

Let not be serious, let’s get querious?
What would that look like? Start with getting curious….
Let me know what you decide to do!

Sending Creative JuJu,

(P.S. Each time I write one of these Creative Tips, I like to do it myself. So, I just painted a red heart on my third eye in the middle of writing this and a wide smile has been visiting my lips ever since.)

Montine Blank