Start with Feeling

Let it Out

Let your feelings move through you creatively.

Most of us are pretty good at pushing down troublesome feelings -- and with the advent of smart phones -- it's certainly easy to distract ourselves. 

However, as I'm sure you've noticed, our feelings don't really go away.  Instead, they wait for the right time -- perhaps until 3AM even -- to knock progressively more loudly on our brain until we are forced to wake and lay quietly (tic toc) in the dark and notice them.  As much as we toss and turn to shake them off, they seem to be able to stay glommed on, demanding our attention.

Wouldn't it be nice to have an easy, healthy way to channel those feelings so they can be released, and you can feel more grounded.

Many of us weren't taught tools for relieving overpowering feelings.  If we are lucky, we may have learned the value of talking or writing to express them. 

I've found for myself, that intuitive art-making with the intention of release goes deeper, faster, and farther in relieving strong feelings more than any other form of expression. In fact, this method has been my "on the ready" emotional savior time and time again, whether getting over an injustice, moving beyond overhelm, working through lethargy, releasing anger, processing grief, and so on.

If you'd like to give it whirl, it's pretty easy to get started. Get out a few art supplies out and fresh piece of paper and try this:

  • Turn off anything that dings, rings, talks, or sings

  • Secure your privacy

  • Sit down with your art materials

  • Get in touch with the feeling that is pulling on your heart

  • Let yourself feel it deeply, exaggerating it even

  • Let the intensity well up and fill your heart and mind

  • Imagine you are going to make marks as if your ARE that feeling

  • Grab the very first utensil that attracts your eye (pen, crayon, sharpie, paintbrush, etc) and start letting that feeling express itself through you.
    Note: The key here is to "be the feeling" (subjective) and express rather than drawing what you think it (objective) would look like. It may show up a hard dots, scribbles, words scratches, slow rolling lines, scrapes, etc. Just let whatever comes show up on the paper and listen to what your inside voice is saying while you do it.

  • There is no wrong way -- let yourself cover over parts, rip the paper, crinkle it up or start anew.

  • Trust whatever needs to be created.

  • Keep going until you feel drained and more centered.

  • Set the piece aside.

  • Allow the new, more peaceful feelings take over.

  • Treat yourself to a nice cup of tea or light a candle.

  • Lastly, see if it will feel better to keep the piece or destroy it.

It's an honor to share these creative insights and tools with you. Have a wonderful day.

Sending Creative JuJu,


Montine Blank