Intuition Painting®

Intuition Painting® has been delivered to thousands of individuals and groups for personal discovery, spiritual awakening, and creative inspiration since 2001.

Intuition Painting® is like the yoga of art-making!
— Rebbecah, 2008

“Thank you for everything you do! I got exactly what I was looking for. I got my confidence back, and more. I’ve even been experiencing more confidence in my current jobs as an art therapist, and feel more calm in general. ”

— N. Peres, Intuition Painting® Workshop, 2016

“What amazing work you are doing. This is truly necessary and transformative work that had a big impact on me. For nearly two years, I have been meeting with various healers (reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, yogis, energy medicine practitioners, etc.) and with a few exceptions, have been left disappointed. With this workshop, I felt big shifts in such a short time. Thank you so much!!”

— Intuition Painting Workshop, Los Angeles, 2014

This process saved my life.
— Penny Treese, 2004

“I just love Montine. She is that rare gift of honoring, listening, seeing, knowing, and engaging us to grow at our own pace however we need. With her, the scariness in looking at our darker places is all OK and becomes something we grow to look forward to. Gentle, wise, and fiery, amazing healing alchemy is Montine.”

— J.S., Intuition Painting® Workshop, 2015

“Thanks for opening up your welcoming and safe environment. I was looking for a way to disengage my logical self and rediscover the joy of creating with colours & paint. I got that - but I actually ended up with so much more. You’ve triggered a renewed desire to tap into my intuition and I’ve reconnected now. I’d strayed off the path and you’ve shone the light to get me back on track.”

— Jay A., Intuition Painting® Workshop, 2015

I enjoyed this class and recommend it to anyone and everyone.  I have no training in painting of any kind and felt at ease right away.  The instructor is very smart, kind,and patient.  I really lucked out finding it!
— Anonymous, Intuitive Watercolors, 2011

“I was looking for an artistic experience to help me set my creative side free. Montine’s Intuitive Process Painting Workshop has truly been a gift. Through the process, I’ve been able to better understand my “edges” and face them with direct action. With Montine as the watchful guide, the experience has been nothing less than transformative. Montine is a rare find. She is smart, intuitive, caring, compassionate, inspiring. She provides a safe and inviting atmosphere where one can safely push their boundaries. Highly recommend!”

— M.S., Combination of Coaching, Workshops, & Retreats, Malibu, CA, 2014-2017

I am more accepting and more patient. I am learning to let go of perfection and relax.
— Anonmous, Los Angeles

“I was reminded of something very personal I had been carrying with me for over 20 years. The workshop gave me some unexpected clarity and relief in dealing with a personal tragedy.”

— C.S., Intuition Painting® Workshop, 2014

I was looking for a way to disengage my logical self and rediscover the joy of creating with colours & paints.  I got that - but I actually ended up with so much more!  You’ve triggered a renewed desire to tap into my intuition and I’ve reconnected… Thanks so much for that !
— Janice Griffen, Weekend Workshop, Atlanta

“Each time I go, something else in me loosens. Once blocked paths are beginning to look a bit less impassible. I see positive, incremental changes happening in my life and others with whom I’ve painted and shared in these workshops have expressed similar experiences of growth and renewal.

We, as a culture, spend a lot of time running around chasing our tails, chasing our jobs, chasing each other and rarely do we find time for ourselves so that we may actually chase our dreams. The few hours I spend painting each week or every other week provide a type of quiet and time for reflection rare to find these days. The least of what I get each time I go is a fun evening playing with paints, and the best, I look forward to discovering.”

— Jill A. Hall, 2005

”I found Montine during a horrific divorce. I was seeing a counselor several times per week at the time. Over the course of a year, painting with Montine and a small group of incredible women in a completely safe environment aided my traditional counseling. The revelations about myself and my situation that were revealed through intuitive painting techniques were life-changing.

”In the beginning I repeatedly painted vines. One time Montine lead me through an exploration of this vine symbol where I could clearly see it linked me to my ex-husband. I visualized the vine that I had repeatedly painted, being cut with scissors of light. The feeling of freedom I experienced afterwards was incredible. That week, my ex unexpectedly moved across the country and I was literally set free. During later sessions, the vine symbol disappeared, being replaced by “horizons of hope.”

”Today, I am unimaginably happy as a successful fine, artist living in Atlanta with my new husband who adores my now teenage children.

”I have continued my love for art. Today I create personally informed, abstract, serene, and thought-provoking landscapes in the luscious medium of encaustic painting. I celebrate and embrace the aging process with these photo-encaustic creations, believing that aging and beauty are synonymous.

”The two years of intuitive painting with Montine connected me with 4 women that are still my dearest friends. I will never be able to adequately thank Montine for the experience that allowed me to find the “Real Penny” again.”

— Penny Treese,, 2004

Accessing my right brain with a paintbrush is something I haven’t done much in my life, if ever, but I feel really excited to play with painting now!  Thank you! :)
— Mary Horne, Alabama, 2018

“The Mirrors of Strength and Inspiration activity allowed each member of our office “team” to explore her/his unique qualities in a safe environment. The early time together brought our shy-ness to the forefront. Then came the playful involvement...suddenly we were lost in our visions, activating our curiousity. By the close of the day, each person willingly shared a creation with the group. We saw new possibilities in each other, for the workplace and beyond.

As the senior leader of this 20-person group, I benefited in two significant ways from this experience. First, I learned more about the strengths and goals of each team member. Second was the capacity to show myself as open willing to look into the unknown.

Many of our mirrors now adorn the office conference room giving rise to new conversations within a larger community.”

— JoNell A. Usher, Assistant Dean, Emory University, 2006

“Montine Montine Montine!!! I just had to write you and tell you that I am still “high” from class today...and it wasn’t from the paint and mod podge fumes.

”I have so desperately needed an outlet for my creativity. I need to be creating! Today I decided that while 9 to 5 I may belong to the job that is sustaining me financially...the other 16 hours of the day are MINE and I can begin making those hours work for me. I don’t know if anyone else has had such a powerful experience but I rushed home (doing the speed limit of course!) and immediately started journaling my experience.

”I hope you realize how much you are touching lives. I felt alive. I felt refreshed. I felt energized. I felt happy. I felt inspired. I felt I was in a good place and I want to keep creating that place for myself. Thank you for opening a whole new world of discovery for me. I haven’t been able to stop staring at my mirror!!! I do love it!”

— Shannon Caprio, Partner, ICE, 2003