Thank You

Thank you for being right here, wherever you are on this planet.

Thank you for accepting this loving-life letter written for all the various parts of you -- for your strong spirit, your sacred self and your scared self, for your inner child, your outer brave adult, and all parts in between. 

Taking time to be present will help you receive this flow from a grounded place, so there’s an exercise for mindfulness on the left you might try before reading more. When you feel tuned in, calm, and present, read on…

Dear >You,

Each colorful facet of you deserves to hear: You are precious. You are amazing. And you are absolutely one-of-a-kind. There is only one you and there is no one else exactly like you anywhere.  You are invited to hold this truth as a powerful, sustaining gift from life: simply having the solo experience of being you.  No one else will get to have your life, ever.

Your being here in this body, having your unique experiences, your personal thoughts, your quiet needs, and your wishful wants are all just for you to take in. When I think of this, I picture each of us as a droplet on the edge of the crest of a wave. Everyone might see it flying along, but only the drop can experience its flow, it’s moment in the air, it’s particular view of the world.

Certainly life is rich. It can be spectacular, wild, hard, sad, exciting, breath-taking, boring, desperate, or glorious; it will probably be all of these things. If you can accept all of this as part of your gift, it will be easier to immerse yourself in your journey and allow yourself to feel all of it. This life is short and it’s precious and it’s yours.  Even just for this reason alone, you and your journey matter deeply.

Show Your Love

Your self and your life deserve your love, attention, and care. Please take a moment and think of one thing you can do for yourself each day for the next week to be more present and available to yourself.  You may choose to take a walk, doodle, listen to your favorite music, pet an animal, pick a flower, nap, sit quietly, watch a silly movie, take a bath, get a massage, or stare at clouds.  Whatever it is, feel free to let people know what you are doing.  Your ideas could inspire them to do the same.

 Thank you again for being here.

Be Well,