Marketing Strategy

Why create a strategy when I just need a website? 

Too often entrepreneurs request that I "build a website" or "set up social media" to market their business - without having a marketing strategy in place.  While someone else may fill this type of request without hesitation, I will ask that you reconsider.

Over the last fifteen plus years, I have witnessed unbelievable amounts of wasted effort, time and money as a result of building marketing media without a strategy supporting it. Why?  A marketing strategy identifies who you are talking to, what they need, how your offer excels at meeting their need and how you can reach them. Without that information, you cannot effectively target your audience, much less attract them.

Any strategy - whether 200 pages or 2 pages - is better than none. They are not complicated to produce. Whether large or small, there is a simple path to planning amazing marketing strategies and building a powerful, attractive presence. That's correct, one path. 

Many may be surprised to learn that the very best business marketing starts by aligning each of your offerings with your company's greatest aspiration: your business mission. In other words, that which ultimately inspires and motivates you, when linked with your marketing approach, will elevate enthusiasm, keep eyes on the prize, and attract the greatest number of clients.

With a clearly defined mission, we can design your marketing strategy to:

  • Power-brand your offerings,
  • Price products and services,
  • Target niche markets,
  • Perfect a sales pitch, and
  • Establish your ideal communications voice.

Ready to grow your business? 

Once your business mission and marketing strategy and plan are set, we can layout a marketing plan and build out your marketing materials, website, social media, and online presence to reflect your competitive edge and vision. When your mission, strategy, plan and materials are all in place, we will win the audiences you need to grow. 


My clients receive "Yes, that's it!" marketing, branding, launch consulting, web design, and strategy services to businesses ranging from start-ups to the established corporations you see listed on the right. Together with my clients, I launch, grow, redirect, and rethink what is possible. We work together to find you and your company's "gold," the most salable and inspirational aspects of what you offer. We allow these aspects to serve as the basis of your mission and vision and drive the best strategy for your market.  

In addition to aiding dozens of solo practitioners, brick and mortar shops, online launchers, and large corporations, I have launched three award-winning businesses and co-founded a city-recognized non-profit. My love for the creative process involved in marketing and my genuine desire to help companies evolve have translated into successful marketing endeavors that continue to serve my clients' goals.

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Your marketing starts right when it starts with you.
— Montine