Remapping Negative to Positive


To maintain general positive feelings, our brain needs the equivalent of at least three times more positive than negative experiences. This meditation is designed to increase the impact of your positive experiences by expanding and absorbing them more fully, while simultaneously lessening the impact of a recent negative or nagging experience. This meditation takes 10 minutes and, for best results, is recommended whenever you want to decrease the intensity of a negative or nagging experience.

Set Up:
This guided meditation takes 10 minutes. It will be best go to a private place where you can relax and focus.

Think of something positive that brought you a simple pleasure recently. Examples are smelling a flower, eating an orange, or petting an animal.

Now also call an experience to mind that was negative, but not significant, like a minor traffic upset or annoyance.

Once you are ready, please play the guided meditation below.

Montine Blank