About Montine Blank

Photo Credit: Holly J Haroz Styling by Caroline Dieter-Bush

Photo Credit: Holly J Haroz
Styling by Caroline Dieter-Bush

While her career path has carried her far and wide, from planet-friendly non-profits, to international corporate consulting, to annual creativity retreats in Tuscany, it is Montine Blank’s appreciation for raw beauty, unspoiled settings, and nature’s mysteries that has brought her back to her love for photography.

Artist Statement 

I have employed the creative process to navigate life’s twists and turns, and help me return to center for decades. Traveling for the last year with camera in hand, taking pictures became my living expression of gratitude for planet, and, more specifically, for one the world’s most giving resources, trees; and it has given rise to this body of work titled REALM.

My tree studies are an exploration of texture, intricacy, depth, connections, projections, geometry, and spirituality, each inviting viewers to explore well beyond an initial glance.  In these works, viewers might discover the face of an archetype, iconic patterns in swaying blooms, or bodies of half-hidden beasts.

Each person does not immediately ascertain the same forms and figures in any one piece, so in a way their discoveries become personal reflections their state of mind, much like a Rorschach’s ink blot.

Because I want each person to find her or his own connection points and stories, I do not give them titles. Instead, I only list the dates and location where the original image was taken.

Although I have been an avid photographer for over 20 years, this has been the first focal point that called to me so sincerely, that I am willing to follow it in earnest and with passion. REALM. feels incredibly aligned with my true essence and represents all that I care dearly about.  For me, this work is an act of paying attention to that which I love.

Artist Bio

Intuition Painting® Master Facilitator, Certified Professional Coach, and successful entrepreneur, Montine Blank offers transformational coaching, Intuition Painting® retreats and training around the world.


Montine Blank holds a B.S. in Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University, an International MBA from The Moore School of Business. Certifications include Transformational Coaching with The Life Coaching Institute, and Transformational Process Arts with PFTS.


Photo Credit: Brooke Schultz

Photo Credit: Brooke Schultz

Montine Blank has 20 years' experience both consulting to established companies as well as concepting and developing start-ups, including Accenture, Publicis Groupe, The Weather Channel, and Ladies Who Launch.

Before becoming a full time entrepreneur, Montine served as Executive Account Director with Big Fuel, a Publicis Groupe company, overseeing the launch of the Samsung Social Media footprint and campaigns for clients such as Budweiser and JP Morgan Chase. In addition, she managed strategic communications and executive training for international clients over an 8-year period with Accenture.

Prior to that, she launched The Green Half, a thriving on-line business with 10,000 subscribers and thousands of customers who frequented the site to purchase discount gift cards to sustainable businesses, while supporting local non-profits.  Before being sold to Cumulus Media, The Green Half was originally linked to GreenPlate, Inc., a non-profit organization Montine co-launched aimed at the reduction of disposable plastics consumption.

In the decade previous, she concepted and created three one-of-a-kind art businesses, CraZy MoOn ArT RoOM, T-Shirt Construction Co. and Paint Awake – each applauded in the press for their unique qualities and ingenuity.