About Release & Empower Events

This offering combines intuitive arts and mindful release of those things which no longer serve us, with powerful intention setting for our future state. Release & Empower™ will help us all transition out of any muck and into fresh intentions, clarity, renewed energy to take on life with love and gusto!

We will use introspective questioning, meditation, active expression, journaling, sharing, and expressive painting to process through all that has been and all that we want to bring in, including our own form of personal empowerment for the new year. 

"This was like a Soul Reboot!" - 2017 Participant, Atlanta

Renew yourself with a proven, powerful process to help you release what is not serving you and call in the energy, feelings and vision you need to empower your future.  Release & Empower™ sessions include a combination of Intuition Painting®, yoga, meditation, a burn ceremony, walks in nature, sharing, laughter, and guided support.

Using journaling prompts and spontaneous painting, we will identify the muck that needs to leave your life and LET IT GO in a visual release, while harvesting the lessons from the challenges we have faced.  Our goal will be to cultivate the ideal energy to support you goals for the future.

Oversized paper, paints, charcoals, and pastels capture the color and energy of our intentions and radiate our full power and potential in the new year.  No art experience is expected or required.