Wellness Retreat

"Powerful experience"

When you put 12 strangers together and ask them to arrive with an open mind for an experience they are unlikely to have imagined correctly, it could cause problems.

Montine's expertise and natural empathy made the transition from everyday life to something extraordinary fairly seamless. You would expect that the sort of person who signs up for 6 days of Intuition Painting would make us all similar, but this wasn't the case and the diversity enriched the retreat hugely.

My experience of life is that is often easier to bond with strangers than with someone you have known for a while - no baggage and greater freedom to be honest. The beautiful Tuscan scenery, the sunshine and the "unusual" but comfortable accommodation quickly removed you from normal life and made you open to the purpose of the retreat.

I had no particular expectations and at the beginning, when the group were strangers, there were a lot of self-conscious moments where I tried to suppress any cynicism I arrived with. After 24 hours the importance of authenticity and honesty were clear - why would you sign up for something like this and not give it your best shot?

Unlike some of the mysticism surrounding other sorts of retreats, this was profound and thoroughly understandable. Feeling safe within the group is fundamental and Montine manages this brilliantly; however it is the group itself which makes it work.

I have always had faith in humanity and this was enhanced by the lovely people I shared the week with...There was nothing I didn't like and it is an adventure I would certainly repeat.

— EAT. PAINT. LOVE! Italy 2019, Charlie Sharman, UK

Expect the unexpected.
A lot of magic happens here.
— Erica Hart, Release & Empower, Florida 2017

“A Life-long Gift”

“This 5-day Intuitive Art & Yoga retreat with Montine as a whole is a haven. The pacing, the tenor, the process, the openness, the flexibliity we felt in being able to do what we needed is priceless. Montine strikes the right intuitive balance between guiding / prompting to allow us to find our voice. It is rich in the experience of transformation and a lifelong gift that enables us to grow and glow in our lives. ”

— EAT. PAINT. LOVE! Italy 2015

“Helped Us All Grow Inwardly”

”Montine is full of love, she’s wise beyond her years, her words and knowledge made me want to hang onto her every word. I could feel how well she was able to meld & incorporate her experience from being in the corporate world to create a well structured balanced retreat that helped us all grow inwardly. I loved being in her presence. I have attained a lot more wisdom that I can use in my life and happily pass on what she’s taught me to others on their journey.”

— Participant, Release & Empower, Florida 2018

What I got out of the retreat was more than I even desired. I realized I could ask my own inner source the questions I want guidance and insight on. Montine shared a tool I could take with me to use when I feel lost. I feel like I have oomph in my soul and can step IN to my FULL self - - full of zest without hiding my voice.
— Liz Stubbs, EAT. PAINT. LOVE! Italy, 2016

“The Italy retreat was a really rich experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. I experienced a greater sense of freedom and I also feel like my mind has been expanded - blown away in fact by what all is possible - how art can be used to process through so much and connect with others. I am coming away with a feeling of excitement that there is this whole realm of possibility that I never knew existed before. Thank YOU!”

— EAT. PAINT. LOVE! Italy 2017

It was an amazing experience with incredible people. I loved every minute of it, except the goodbyes.
— EAT. PAINT. LOVE! Italy 2015

“Intuition Painting® is an exploration of life. If you go into the retreat with an open mind and heart you can tap into memories and experiences which often help release emotions both physically and through the painting. It is an experience like no other that allows you a safe place to be creative, explore your soul, and tap into a side of yourself you often didn't know was there. It is filled with aha moments, sometimes tears, and a lot of laughs all in a beautiful setting with exquisite food.”

— G. WALKER, EAT. PAINT. LOVE! Italy 2016

“This retreat was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Beginning with the facilitators, Elise and Montine, who were hands down two of the most creative, beautiful, honest, vulnerable and supportive individuals I’ve ever met. They really made the retreat something so incredibly special and created an environment where all the participants not only got comfortable, but felt like they were supported like family. The facilities were on the beautiful grounds of Kashi Ashram which was a powerful space conducive to creativity and inner work. The entire retreat completely exceeded all of my expectations!”

— Release & Empower! Florida 2017

“It provided a great balance of painting time, together time, yoga was a fabulous addition and really added a huge value for care of the body and spirit that danced beautifully with the painting process. And of course, the food! BEYOND:) It felt like an organic Jazz piece and I left with a smile that I don't think I have ever had before.”

— EAT. PAINT. LOVE! Italy 2017

I know this work to be deep and transformational, best gift you could give yourself.
— EAT. PAINT. LOVE! Italy 2018

“I am now going to continue to paint, even though I never saw myself as a painter. I was very proud of what I created by going totally into myself and expressing it through art. It wouldn’t have happened without your intuitive guidance! I also learned to let go of what I created to be “perfect” and to let go of comparing myself to others. It was very freeing!”

— Joan Quinlan, EAT. PAINT. LOVE! 2017

“Oh what a ride! The Tuscan Intuitive Painting and Yoga Retreat was a wonderful journey. A sensory roller coaster filled with laughs, tears, joy, frustration, singing, dancing, great food and wine, beautiful people, meaningful tales and deep places. A journey of self discovery, introspection and transformation. You’ll find yourself wanting to go another round!”

— Susan Wells, EAT. PAINT. LOVE! 2017

“I GOT SO MUCH MORE OUT OF THIS RETREAT THAN I EXPECTED! I gained confidence, the final PUSH I needed to just LET GO of my obsessions and finally release to move forward in my life. The entire retreat (not just the painting aspect) helped support me in this movement.”

— Release & Empower! Florida 2017

“I would recommend this experience to everyone, male or female, whether they paint or not, as it helps bring out the creative in you. More importantly, the process of painting and expanding on the same picture over the course of the retreat, gives you the gift of time, to focus on your inner thoughts and feelings, something we rarely get to do, in this fast paced world. This time helps you to pinpoint and isolate any issues currently stopping you from living the life you yearn for today. Once these issues are highlighted, you then able to start dealing with them, removing the blocks, so that you can move forward in life.”

— Maggie Olson, EAT. PAINT. LOVE! 2017