Re-CREATE Your Stories

Using Creativity to Get Your Mojo Back

Sometimes life delivers a major shake-up (or two!) that leaves us repeatedly ruminating on WHAT WENT WRONG, why, and what we could or should have done to prevent it.

This circular fashion of thinking can cause us to MENTALLY SPIN within the same box of questions without getting any new answers and finding reprieve. After time, our spinning thoughts create a negative story which gets DEEP INTO OUR PSYCHE and causes us to SEE OURSELVES DIFFERENTLY; for example, we may start doubting who we are, what we are worth, and what is possible.

Even though we want to let go, WE DON’T KNOW HOW.

We may even allow these stories block and limit our future.

The GOOD NEWS is that we can change how we interpret yesterday, how we view ourselves in response, and how we live today as a result.

There are actually many tools I recommend as a coach for helping navigate these types of situations, but More Mojo Tip #7 applies a very unique and creative approach.

Mojo Tip #7: Re-CREATE Your Story is designed to help you let go of stories that are no longer serving you and transmute them creatively so that they lose their power over you.

Montine Blank