About Tina

My Journey into Yoga:

"Yoga crossed my path some 11 years ago when I moved to Italy.  I was looking for a teacher or yoga class in here but those days in Tuscany you wouldn't find it so easily.  But they say, when student is ready, teacher will appear. That is exactly how it happened with me.

"From that moment on, yoga became twice a week practice for me and I also began to feel positive changes in my moods, motivation and in total balance and wellbeing.

"Yoga made me feel fulfilled and I realized that I wanted to help to change other people's life in positive ways, too.

"I completed teacher training with Esther Lim here in Italy.  I'm a certified 200 Ashtanga yoga flow teacher and have been teaching since 2011."

Favorite Quote:

"What you think, you become."    - Buddha

Class Style

My Class Mantra:

"Breath is Everything"

My class is generally taught as flow, based on Ashtanga yoga. Depending on the level and experience of students I am teaching, I adjust the postures and intensity class accordingly. Every day is a new day and we can feel differently each morning, so I do my to intuit what we should work on. Sometimes it may be heart openings, another time we may need hip openings, and still other moments might call for calm relaxing yoga.

Each practice is closed with a final relaxation and meditation to restore and balance mind and body before our retreat day begins.

Influential Yoga Teachers:

  • Michael Gannon

  • Mark Robberds

  • Kino McGregor

  • David Swenson