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Let It Go & Flow ! (Intuition Painting®, Atlanta, GA)


Intuition Painting®
1 1/2 Day Retreat

Discover a Secret Path to Creative Freedom & Personal Transformation

Get away and experience an amazing journey into your creative inner world. Intuition Painting™ is highly unique creative practice for emotional transformation and personal empowerment.

Friday, March 1: 7:00PM-9:15 PM
Saturday, March 2: 9:30AM-4:00PM

Gift yourself this one-of-a-kind experience to rediscover and recharge your intuitive creative passion. This 2 ½ day workshop will help feed your inner fire and reconnect you to your radiant self.

Imagine Intuition Painting™

Take moment and visualize yourself:

  • In a room full of like-hearted people surrounded by colorful paints, oversized easels, and large swaths of bright white paper.

  • Supported in a space of abundance, safety, and inspiration, so that you can dive in, let go, and find your intuitive creative flow.

  • Able to paint without hesitation, as if the paintbrush is guiding you to fill the pages with colors and form.

  • Fully in love with your creations, wholly energized and inspired by the journey.

  • Connected to your most soulful and compassionate self, in concert with your highest wisdom and aspirations.

Our approach is almost like dreaming on paper - images and colors bubble up from within, expanding, taking shape, changing form, without any preconceived expectations.

This immersive creative process helps you learn how to encourage yourself more and criticize yourself less. The art studio gives you a safe place to practice expressing yourself authentically to help you gain more confidence and grounding.

The benefits of Intuition Painting™ extend well beyond the time you are in the art studio. You will discover how creative intuition brings flow into your life. Learn more.

If this sounds like the perfect experience for you right now, then we invite you to come join us. We would love to have you here.

The Beginner's Mind

For some of you, it may have been decades since you painted.  For others, you may make art for a living, and are craving re-inspiration.

No matter how long it has been, it is thrilling to see how quickly you can reconnect to your inner muse and tap into a flow of spontaneous creation again. 

However you arrive, your time spent in intuitive creative exploration will result in joyful colorful accidents, yielding mysterious figures and shapes that do wonderful things for our brains. We get to surprise ourselves, invite imagination to rule for a while, and experience life from a centered place.

What Will We Do?

Intuition Painting™ workshops include:

  • Intuition Painting™ methodology

  • Creativity Coaching

  • Meditation

  • Inspiration & Guidance

  • Intention Setting

  • Basic Instruction

  • Insight Writing & Embodiment

Benefits of Intuition Painting®

+ Strengthen Intuition
+ Tap Creative Genius
+ Stop negative self-talk
+ Facilitate personal breakthroughs
+ Befriend your inner critic
+ Get beyond stuck
+ Access spontaneous creativity
+ Understand the symbols that appear
+ Decode messages from your unconscious

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