Transformational LIfe Coaching & Intuition Painting ® for Creative Wellbeing Workshops & Retreats

Be brave. 
Free your true self. 
Expand your possibilities. 
Trust your intuition. 
Grow more resilient.  
Find gratitude. 
Honor yourself. 
Choose your best path.

Own your journey.


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Are you successful by society's standards, but don’t feel truly happy or engaged — like you’re not in alignment with your true north?

If you want to feel inspired and find more meaning in your life, Transformational Coaching can help.



The More You Transformational Coaching Process is ideal for all types of life and career transitions. With our unique, multi-phased approach, you can discover your core potential and find your ideal path, while also shifting hidden blocks and limiting beliefs, so that you can start your next journey with courage and confidence.

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Intuition Painting®

Intuition Painting® is a one-of-a-kind intuitive creative coaching process that leads to emotional wellbeing and personal empowerment. Our methodology combines meditation, painting, inspirational mantras, automatic writing, and reflective embodiment to help you become more centered, defined, integrated, and self-aware.



Intuition Painting® Facilitator Certification is a powerful 200+ hr training program available for those of us who feel called to help others know, grow, and heal themselves through creative process.

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Montine Blank

Certified Transformational Coach, Life Strategist, and Intuition Painting® Master Facilitator, Montine offers one-on-one coaching, workshops, retreats, and facilitator training in the US, Italy, and Costa Rica, while enjoying life as much as possible in between.

Her 20 years experience working with established corporations, consulting start-ups, and launching creativity-based businesses, as well as her education and training provide a great basis for supporting her clients. Learn more.

Are You Ready for Meaningful Change?

Montine accepts a limited number of clients monthly and provides a personalized experience for each one. It’s a collaborative process that includes self-observation, introspection, creativity, and action.

To set up a non-obligatory consultation, schedule a 30-minute session free of charge.